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What child is catered for at Little People Tutoring?

Little People Tutoring services supports preschool students preparing for BIG school,  all children working towards primary school outcomes and Year 7 or 8 who need further support. 

Please note: Due to teaching connections, Little People Tutoring is unable to work with students from St Peter's Anglican Grammar.

How does tutoring work?

Tutoring is available in private 1:1 sessions, sibling (pair) sessions and small group classes consisting of a maximum of 6 students. Tutoring takes place at my residence in Menangle Park and online. A free consultation is offered prior to all tutoring commencing to discuss your child’s specific needs and previous learning experiences. 


Private 1:1 and sibling sessions are individualised to each child and adjusted according to movements in their learning goals.

How long are the sessions?

For private and pair sessions, half hour and hour sessions are available.

All group and online sessions are one hour. 

Does my child work for a full straight hour?

Research shows that no one, including adults, can remain completely focused and retain everything they learn when they are forced to focus for extended periods of time. To maximise learning, children that attend Little People Tutoring for an hour long session receive a Brain Break at the halfway point. Children participate in a short challenge that develops a different skill such as fine or gross motor. 

Can my child receive tutoring in English and Mathematics in one session?

Within an hour session, this can be split into half hour sessions where the child can receive English and Mathematics tutoring. This depends on the areas of need and can be discussed with the Director prior to or at the free consultation. 

What makes Little People Tutoring unique?

Little People Tutoring is run by a highly-qualified primary teacher with a Masters in Special Education with distinction and a Bachelor of Education (Primary). With a deeper understanding of learning difficulties, needs of children with a disability and high-achieving children, this allows tutoring services to be even more specifically tailored to each child.


Little People Tutoring tailors all sessions to the needs of the students and does not rely on a specific programme, worksheet booklets or computerised syllabuses.

Can you help with school homework?

Absolutely! I will support your child to understand the concepts within their homework so they feel confident to attempt them. 

What are Miss Kym’s qualifications?

She has a Master of Special Education with distinction (Emotional disturbances & Behavioural Problems) 2019 from the University of Newcastle. 


She holds a Bachelor of Education with distinction (Primary) 2014 from Curtin University. 

She is a NESA Proficient teacher (2016) who is currently undertaking Experienced teacher proficiency (2023). 


What type of tutoring is best for my child?

Students can get great benefit from the different types of tutoring available. Private tutoring would be most beneficial for children who need quite significant assistance, intervention in multiple areas and wouldn’t thrive in a small group environment. This allows a fully individualised programme for the child. If you’re unsure what type of tutoring to enrol your child, the best option can be discussed during the free consultation. 


If your child is developing their concentration, a half hour session could be a good starting point. 

How are students placed into groups?

While I try to keep students with peers that will help their social development, there are times where students would benefit more from being in a group more specifically associated with their academic abilities. The best fit for your child will be discussed at the free consultation to ensure it works with their learning goals and parent preference.

How does my child benefit from small group classes?

Small group tutoring not only allows your child to build their academic achievement but offers opportunities to learn from others and build social connections. 

Students that feel shyness and anxiety in the large group setting of a classroom, are provided with an environment that helps them to come out of their shell. They grow in confidence to participate in discussions and share their thoughts with others. They’re given opportunities to show their peers what they know. As the number of students in group classes are capped, this allows students to ask questions more frequently and have the tutor assist them quickly. This is important for students who struggle to ask for help in the classroom. 

Can my children be tutored together?

They absolutely can. The pair session would be perfect for them. I know that it can be difficult to try and juggle the needs of multiple children, especially when they have a variety of after school interests. By having your children tutored together, they can both receive specialised tutoring at the same time which means only one trip and one hour a week. 

Does my child need to bring anything?

If you would like your child to write in a book that you are then able to look at each week please provide them with a book to bring along with them. Please keep in mind that there may be sessions where the book won’t be used as variety and hands-on activity are used most often.


If your child is attending a group session, having a device they can bring with them would be beneficial. 

Will I be locked into a contract?

The longer your child receives tutoring from Little People Tutoring, the greater the improvements and impact on their learning. It is fully understandable though that circumstances change which may require pausing or withdrawal from tutoring services. Each child secures their tutoring spot for the full term. This is reviewed before the next term commences to allow the changing of days or times if no longer suitable. This is the opportunity to express that you’re happy with how your child has progressed and will not continue with tutoring.

Can I cancel a session?

Children secure a particular session slot for an entire term. Sessions may be rescheduled if 24 hours notice is given to the following week. 

How much tutoring will my child need?

As every child is unique this is a very difficult question to answer. Children that have a significant learning difficulty, delay and/or gaps in their education will require more intensive tutoring for a longer period of time to bring their academic achievements up to grade level.  

What programmes are followed?

One of the unique aspects of Little People Tutoring is that all sessions are developed specifically for the child and therefore there are no exact programmes that are followed. All resources used are carefully chosen for their effectiveness in teaching specific skills and concepts. A range of every day resources are incorporated, especially in early learning sessions, to teach essential content. 

While no exact programmes are followed, each session is planned for each student prior to their session. This is adjusted throughout the session if need be. 

Do sessions follow what is taught in school?

Of course! The purpose of tutoring is to support children’s achievement at school. This is done by filling any gaps they may have so that they are at grade-level expectations. As a teacher, I have a deep understanding of the progression of the NSW curriculum and how to support my tutoring students from where they are to where they need to be. 


If your child’s school provides a weekly curriculum schedule and you would like this to be followed, a copy can be provided.

Will I receive feedback about my child’s tutoring?

Parents who enrol their child in private or pair tutoring receive detailed information about what was taught in the session, how their child went and what will be focused on next, at the conclusion of each session via a message.


If your child is enrolled in group tutoring sessions, intermittent feedback. Should you have specific questions, you’re welcome to email to discuss your child’s progress.

Does my child automatically have a place for the following term?

Existing clients are provided with the first opportunity to express their interest in tutoring for the upcoming term. During Booking Week, usually Week 7 or 8, parents are sent details of the upcoming term and asked to express their preferences for the following term. After Booking Week has closed, parents are provided with their child/children’s tutoring session for the upcoming term. I do my absolute best to accommodate all families interested in tutoring.

Is tutoring on during school holidays?

Scheduled tutoring does not run through the school holidays to allow students to have a break and families to spend time together. Should you wish to enrol your child for one-off sessions during the holidays, this can be arranged by appointment.


How much does tutoring cost?

Tutoring costs depend on the type of tutoring selected with group sessions beginning at $55 per child. The enquiry page will provide you with more detailed information. Click Here

Can tutoring begin at any time of the term?

You sure can! If you decide after the term has commenced that you would like to enrol your child in tutoring, we can book in a free consultation to discuss your availability and any vacant, suitable session. Once you have been allocated a position and provided with a tutoring schedule, this will outline when the sessions take place and the tuition payment schedule as well.  

How do I pay for my child’s tutoring?

Tutoring payments are split into two instalments. 

The first instalment is due by the final day of the current term. The second instalment is due on the first tutoring session back.


Should you wish to pay in one instalment this is due before the end of the current term.


What happens if I have to miss a session?

When you are provided with your child’s tutoring schedule, this is your opportunity to check dates and see if there is anything in life you already know may mean you need to shift a session ie. birthday, holiday etc. It is best to let me know before the term commences for the need to reschedule these sessions so that it can be done quickly around the missed lesson.

If you cannot make a session for an unpredictable reason, 24 hours notice is needed. A make-up session can be offered within that week or the following week. 

What if my child is ill?

Should your child be unwell their session can be rescheduled if 24 hours notice has been given. 

Can I send my child if they feel sick?

For the safety of staff and other tutoring students, your child cannot attend their tutoring session if they are sick. Any child that is brought to tutoring but is showing signs of illness will need to be taken home and the tutoring session will be forfeited. 

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