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What child is catered for at Little People Tutoring?
Little People Tutoring services supports all children working towards primary school outcomes. This includes students in Year 7 or 8 who need further development of later primary learning. School preparedness for preschool aged students is offered as is Mathematics assistance for early high school.
Please note: Due to teaching connections, Little People Tutoring is unable to work with students from St Peter's Anglican Grammar.

What makes Little People Tutoring different?
Little People Tutoring is run by a highly-qualified primary teacher with a Masters in Special Education with distinction and a Bachelor of Education (Primary). With a deeper understanding of learning difficulties, needs of children with a disability and high-achieving children, this allows tutoring services to be even more specifically tailored to each child.

Where do the sessions take place?
Little People Tutoring is a home based tutoring service. Sessions take place at the Director's residence in Menangle Park. 

What types of tutoring are available?
Little People Tutoring offers one to one tutoring sessions as well as pair sessions. Each type of tutoring is available in half hour and one hour time slots. Pair sessions are suitable for siblings or friends, with parents organising the sessions together. 

Does my child work for a full straight hour?
Research shows that no one including adults can remain completely focused and retain everything they learn when they are forced to focus for extended periods of time. To maximise learning, children that attend Little People Tutoring for an hour long session receive a Brain Break at the halfway point. Children participate in a short challenge that develops a different skill such as fine or gross motor. 

Can my child receive tutoring in English and Mathematics in one session?
Within an hour session, this can be split into half hour sessions where the child can receive English and Mathematics tutoring. This depends on the areas of need and can be discussed with the Director prior to or at the free consultation. 

Does a parent or guardian need to be present during sessions?
No. It is the parent/guardians choice if they would like to stay for their child's session. Children will often perform better if they know their parent isn't listening.

Will I be locked into a contract?
The longer your child receives tutoring from Little People Tutoring, the greater the improvements and impact on their learning. It is fully understandable though that circumstances change which may require pausing or withdrawal from tutoring services. Each child secures their tutoring spot for the full term. This is reviewed before the next term commences to allow the changing of days or times if no longer suitable.

Can I cancel a session?
Children secure a particular session slot for an entire term. The nature of tutoring as a regularly required intervention does not allow for one-off clients that can be called to fill slots that may become available due to cancellation. Therefore, sessions may be cancelled in the case of an emergency and I will do my very best to relocate the session to another time or day. 

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