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Little People Tutoring offers private 1:1 and small group tutoring to students from early learners in Kindergarten through to Junior High School, including homework help. Tutoring is offered in all areas of literacy and numeracy. There are also school preparedness classes for students progressing to BIG school.

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Director and Tutor

Little People Tutoring was founded by Kym in 2019 after seeing the need for outside of school assistance to little learners who had gaps in their understanding and required further support. As a primary teacher, she could see the struggle students were having in the classroom when the concepts had surpassed their level of understanding, especially when this was by a significant amount that required further interventions. She could see students becoming disheartened and losing a love of learning because of their learning struggles and wanted to help more students beyond those in her classroom.

She believes that early and primary years are crucial to a child’s development as they learn the fundamentals needed throughout higher schooling and life. The earlier intervention takes place, to bridge the gap between current understanding and age-appropriate understanding, the higher its potential impact. Similarly, she believes that high-achieving students who aren’t challenged will become complacent and drift backwards.

She believes that no child is the same and it is a teacher's priority to unlock how a student learns and where their areas of need lie to provide learning experiences that help them to access the curriculum. She wants to foster a love of learning in her students through self-confidence and sound foundational understanding.


Miss Kym holds a Master of Special Education with distinction (Emotional disturbances & Behavioural problems) 2019 from the University of Newcastle. She also holds a Bachelor of Education with distinction (Primary) 2014 from Curtin University. Miss Kym has taught a variety of grades and currently teaches at a special school for students with Autism and/or a Mild Intellectual Disability.

She is a NESA Proficient teacher (2014) who is currently undertaking Experienced teacher proficiency (2023).

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