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Helping to prepare children with the appropriate skills required for optimal learning when they start school so this is a smooth and successful transition. 


Children will build their attention and concentration as they undergo learning activities. They will practise learning in different settings such as on the floor, at a desk and with the whiteboard. 


Children will practise listening carefully to instructions to support their planning and sequencing. This will also support the development of their receptive language skills. 


Children will develop their expressive language and social skills through small group activities and games. They will learn to actively listen when others are speaking so they can contribute to the conversation. 


Fine-motor skills activities will be utilised to build their hand strength to improve their pencil grip while physical activity will support their gross-motor skills. 


Children will be exposed to the early elements of the curriculum such as basic counting, alphabet knowledge and the ability to write their names.


These classes are built on the philosophy of learning through play.

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