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Your child's learning is my priority - Every child needs a champion

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The early and primary years are crucial to a child's development as they learn the fundamentals needed throughout higher schooling and life. The earlier intervention tasks place to the bridge the gap between current understanding and age-appropriate understanding the higher it's potential impact. Similarly, studies have shown high-achieving students who aren't challenged will drift backwards. Little People Tutoring caters for all children and their particular needs, including school readiness sessions for preschool aged children.


Little People Tutoring provides exceptional, Master qualified tutoring services to the little learners of Campbelltown

and surrounding areas at fair prices. Personalised, professional services are guaranteed when you allow your child to

academically grow with me.


What makes Little People Tutoring unique?

My mission at Little People Tutoring is simple: to provide high-quality tutoring services to the little people of Macarthur.

Little People Tutoring offers:

* Master of Special Education with distinction & Bachelor of Education (Primary) with distinction qualified tutor

* A tutor experienced in supporting the development of children with diverse needs and creating individualised plans

* Various lengths of tutoring sessions to suit each child's needs

* One to one and pair sessions to suit each child's needs (including a brain break for longer sessions to assist focus)

* Tuition in all areas of English and Mathematics

* Diagnostic assessments during first tutoring session to determine reading rate, reading accuracy, comprehension age, sight word level and learning needs in writing and Mathematics depending on tutoring focus

* Individualised and collaboratively established goals which are monitored weekly to assess progress

*  Evidence-based resources to produce maximum results such as Magic 100 and The Literacy Box.

* Hands-on, play-based learning and technology-based activities

* Communication with classroom teacher (if requested by parent) to link tutoring with in class learning to further support academic development

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Fine Motor Skills

Little learners are supported in the development of the coordination between their finger, hand and arm muscles with their eyes. This enables such functions as gripping an object when writing,  grasping small objects, tying shoelaces and fastening buttons on clothing.

English Tutoring

I offer services for all Primary English outcomes from Early Stage One to Stage Three. These include but are not limited to: reading, comprehension, phonics, spelling, word recognition, handwriting, public speaking and writing.


Early learning tutoring focuses on letter recognition, letter formation and writing their name.

Mathematics Tutoring

Little People Tutoring is committed to developing each child in their specific areas of mathematical learning needs up to Stage Four outcomes.


Early learning tutoring focuses on number recognition and counting.

Strengthening Place Value
School readiness counting
Developing letter name recognition
Sight word Magic 100W practice
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