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Whatever your little learner’s needs may be, I am here to provide high quality tutoring services to build their confidence and academic growth.


I support your child to believe in themselves and redevelop a love of learning.


I support your child to understand concepts they don’t yet understand.


I support your child with specialised strategies to help them access learning more easily.

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I challenge your child to learn more challenging concepts.


Learning in the primary years is vital to ensure academic success in later years and ensure students can feel a sense of achievement. There is alot of content to cover in each stage and at times learning experiences have moved onto new concepts while a child may not have fully grasped the current one. This has a flow on effect the next time that concept is examined as the prior knowledge required isn’t there for the child to access.


The last few years have meant major disruptions to student learning and months of off-campus learning which was done via online processes with parent support. This has had a significant impact on some learners who thrive in a class environment with easy access to a teacher or who had difficulty completing tasks while at home. 


Little People Tutoring believes that each and every child is their own unique person. They have their own specific needs and learning styles. My sessions are specifically tailored to each child’s learning needs and my flexible teaching approach allows for sessions to be directed by current areas of need. 


With specialised expertise and teaching experience working with students with special needs, I am uniquely qualified to offer tutoring to students with a wide range of learning needs and styles who may also require a higher level of teaching strategies. 


I offer private 1:1 and small group sessions (max. 6 students) for students across all grade levels. Sessions run for 55 minutes.


Literacy development influences student success in many areas of learning at school. Literacy is the ability to understand and evaluate meaning through reading, writing, listening and speaking, viewing and representing. Students need to develop the ability to read, write, speak and listen in a way that lets them communicate effectively and make sense of the world around them. 


I offer literacy support to develop students’ skills in handwriting & fine-motor skills, phonemic and phonological awareness, understanding of morphology and grammatical conventions: sentence structure, spelling and punctuation. We can work on sight word recognition, fluency and reading with expression while also developing comprehension strategies to ensure a deeper understanding of texts. Examining how to effectively write creatively, imaginatively and persuasively to compose engaging texts in another area of literacy that can be focused on. 

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Strong foundational skills in Mathematics is vital to build the base for strong number sense so students are able to think flexibly about numbers and make connections between concepts. Children who can develop number sense have a range of mathematical strategies at their disposal that can be applied across concepts. My services can support learning in all mathematical areas in the curriculum with learning experiences differentiated for a student's specific capabilities. 

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