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Little People Tutoring is committed to building a strong relationship with each individual student and family. My personalised services allow each student to feel seen and valued so they grow both academically and realise their potential while boosting their self-confidence. My parents feel heard and involved in their child’s learning.



Little People Tutoring offers a range of quality services.

School Preparedness (2).jpg
School Preparedness

Is your little learner going to big school next year? These sessions help prepare them for this new experience.

Junior High School.jpg
Junior High School Learners

I support students who are in the earlier years of high school to transition to a more complex curriculum.

Early Learning 2.jpg
Early Learners

Just beginning Kindergarten? I can support their transition to formal school settings.

Homework help.jpg
Homework Help

Do you struggle to get your child to do their homework? I assist your child to understand the concepts so they can confidently complete their work.

Primary 5.jpg
Primary Learners

I offer services to support your child’s progress through the curriculum and support them with content they find more challenging.

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Parent Coaching

Are you feeling that you need some extra support? I can help with strategies to support your home routine run smoothly.

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